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Although it should be obvious, I want to make sure you understand that the vendors (sponsors) of our event are there because they have paid to be there. That said, we aren’t sellouts that let anyone who can write a check sponsor this event and have chosen companies that are well-known to the IT services channel and used by many of our members.


We are a MARKETING company, not a group of cyber security and compliance experts or attorneys. We are providing general business advice and marketing templates, NOT LEGAL ADVICE. You absolutely should seek the advice of an attorney to review your marketing claims and business contracts, pricing, services, etc., to ensure you are not putting yourself at legal risk or breaking the law. Further, any advice provided with regards to cyber security, compliance, service delivery, backups, data protection, managed services, etc., should be discussed with your attorney to ensure the legality of what you can say, promise or do. We also strongly encourage you to seek the services of a qualified insurance agent and other cyber security experts when selecting vendors and delivering services. These are very serious topics, and we urge you to do your own research and due diligence when selecting the tools and vendors you use, as well as get professional advice on how to best package and deliver solutions to your clients.


Yes, you should register; better than 80% of the attendees will be members who attended Rapid Implementation and Boot Camp, and the content shared here will be entirely NEW

Absolutely! The event is not product-specific. You will get a ton of value, guaranteed. Plus, you’ll get to hang out and learn from some of my best, most marketing-savvy clients.

Absolutely! We WILL have information, strategies and freebies for our MAP Keap members (as always), but the majority of the content, sessions, tools, campaigns and materials will be applicable and usable to you regardless of what CRM you have.

 Our virtual platform will be live until December 1 where you'll have the chance to win $500 AMEX gift cards and a  hotel/flight/tickets package to Boot Camp 2023!  After December 1 you'll have lifetime access to the recordings via a password-protected Dashboard.