Congrats! You’re Registered For The Philadelphia Cyber Security Marketing Roadshow!
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Hotel Details

The Westin Philadelphia

Address: 99 South 17th Street at Liberty Place, Philadelphia PA 19103

There are plenty of other hotels in the area if you don’t want to stay at this one, or if the room nblock gets sold out.

Important: You are responsible for booking your own hotel room and travel. Uber is our recommended mode of transportation. However, if you want the freedom to roam around on your own, we suggest renting a car from the airport.

Rules For Attending

Meals: A continental breakfast and lunch will be provided on both days, along with coffee, tea and beverages during the breaks. Please note we are not running a catering business, so if you have allergies or religious restrictions on what you can or cannot eat, are on a diet, or are just a picky eater, pack a brown bag or cooler with your own food. Our goal is to provide sustenance to keep you alive, not a deliver a 5 start dining experience.

Internet And Phones: We are going to attempt to provide WiFi for conference attendees. HOWEVER, we know this could cause a giant UNwow experience if the hotel’s staff is not cooperating, the Internet Gods are angry or the Internet connectivity sucks for any of a million reasons. If you are so addicted to the Internet that you will experience severe withdrawal symptoms if you disconnected for more than a few hours.